Monday, July 15, 2013

If Kennedy were running today, the Democrats would burn him

This is an interesting article on the power of narrative in shaping people's opinions. (I disagree that we don't need someone like Reagan and that America's enemies from the last half-century are no longer threats. If anything, they're in power now.)

A few thoughts awaiting moderation there:
A good story is a wonderful thing; the key to its effectiveness in changing perception is the manipulation of emotion. That's what liberals and other charlatans are good at.

Reagan excelled at exposing the nonsense of the Left and reminding people of what made this nation great: Individual Liberty and moral goodness. We don't have anyone today who both really believes in those ideals and can communicate them plainly.

(And when we get close, the media assassins go for the jugular.)

It wasn't that long ago that I could have voted for a Democrat; John F. Kennedy understood that lower taxes -- which is really just increased freedom -- makes people more prosperous, and he believed in and defended America against its enemies.

If Kennedy were running today, the Democrats would burn him at the stake.

A Christian cannot vote Democrat. (If they do, it's because they've accepted uncritically the nescient propaganda of the left. It's like serving on a jury, where a defense lawyer throws out any lie they can think of to create "reasonable doubt" in the minds of at least one juror.)

That party has made the Founding Fathers into potential terrorists and embraces pretty much whatever is perverse, cruel, or tyrannical. It is faithless.

It's too bad that today's Republicans are, by and large, devoid of the passion for freedom and moral rectitude that our Founders and Framers possessed. After all, why vote for a fake liberal when you can get the real thing?