Monday, July 29, 2013

The persecuted Church in Syria

The president cares more about helping jihadists nation-build -- and himself to the luxuries that American taxes and debt can buy -- than helping his (allegedly-) fellow Christians.

As for "Why?" Islam, of course.

From here:
Mourning Christians in Syria were still awaiting answers Monday, July 8, as to why Islamic militants with links to opposition rebels entered Christian villages more than a month ago killing several people, including children, in what locals called a "massacre".

Vatican-backed news agency Fides said the gunmen raided the village of al-Duwayr/Douar, outside the city of Homs near Lebanon, where they immediately executed a man and his daughter in their home and burned their bodies. The fighters reportedly also occupied the village church from where snipers began firing at terrified civilians, killing an- 11-year-old boy and a girl of 18, and injuring some 10 people, two seriously.

Militants remained in the church where they were holding village Mayor Joseph Jamil Adra, a Christian, and another Christian man, Fides said. Their situation was not immediately clear Monday, July 8.

Christian refugees were quoted as saying that the fighters of opposition group Jabhat al-Nusra, which has pledged its allegiance to terror group al-Qaida, also "destroyed and burned all the houses" in the village, prompting the roughly 100 Greek-Orthodox families living in the area to flee.

The time for (what's left of) the Christian West to aid its brothers and sisters in the east is long past-due.

And no, this Crusade doesn't involve President Bush's well-intentioned-but-suicidal nation-building, but it does begin with telling the truth about the enemy.