Thursday, August 30, 2007

Practical suggestions for resisting jihad

By Hugh Fitzgerald:

"The memo's writer, Mohamed Akram, wrote that members of the Brotherhood 'must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.'" -- from this article

Cut-and-paste. Print as many copies as you wish. Email others.

Home: Refrigerator (that magnet again). Wallet. Glove compartment.

Outside: Distribute to friends, family, colleagues at work, that person in the check-out line at the supermarket or the dry-cleaners or the Post Office with whom you deliberately strike up a conversation about Islam.

Keep it up. Don't stop.

And there is more to do with this. Much more. Don't merely put that up on your refrigerator door or bulletin-board. Don't merely have it at hand when you are engaging others in conversation, or to give out to acquaintances and colleagues, always as evidentiary accompaniment to, and not in lieu of, coherent argument.

Do something else. Take this remark and a half-dozen or dozen just like it, and put them on big boards. And then the next time you have to counter-picket some anti-American or anti-Israel or anti-Infidel demonstration, make sure you appear with those signboards, with those quotations in very big letters. And make sure the cameras get a view, and the inquiring reporters can't avoid seeing them.

And what's more, perhaps a permanent picketing of the White House and Congress, in which Infidel citizens, will take turns -- a number signing up who will, from the Washington area (or from out of town) to picket for one full day, outside either various Congressional office buildings, or outside the White House itself. Make it a permanent thing, with a dozen or so picketers, of the "from-all-walks-of-life" school. And be sure to include, symbolically, all non-Muslim faiths and also those of no faith at all, and of various ages, races, and so on.

This should be repeated and repeated, endlessly, at every opportunity, in every conceivable place. It should become and remain a permanent reminder of the nature of the menace. And perhaps a few of those picketers can also have relevant passages from the Qur'an inscribed. You can find on-line exactly which ones make the greatest impression, or perhaps just some phrases -- "Banu Qurayza," "Khaybar Oasis," "Asma bint Marwan," "Abu Afak," "Aisha" -- listed, so that those who pass by, and those who report as well, will have to ask what they mean. And then they will have to listen to the reply as each otherwise unfamiliar detail from the Life of Muhammad, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil, is patiently and concisely explained.

Up to now, demonstrators have been remarkably limited and unimaginative. How many counter-PLO demonstrators have you seen wearing signs or chanting slogans such as "Israel will live" or "down with terrorism" or "Israel wants peace" or similarly utterly pointless, utterly unconvincing, utterly boring slogans that mean nothing? And they likewise do nothing to bring to any would-be audience's attention the nature of the menace that Israel faces. Such demonstrations are a useless exercise.

But "Stop the Jizyah" then requires people to find out about the "Jizyah," what it was and what it is and what it could be again. "No to the Lesser Jihad Against Israel" allows people to reinterpret the endless siege of Israel correctly, and not as this phony "nationalist" revolt of the "Palestinians." A sign saying "Stop the Campaigns of Da'wa" or "Stop Demographic Conquest" or "Isn't Ten Trillion Dollars Quite Enough?" will raise other issues -- the issue of what constitutes Jihad and the instruments of Jihad, so that those who apparently believe that "Jihadists" (a word to be used sparingly) are limited solely to those Muslims who use violence, who engage in qitaal or combat, will be disabused of the limited nature of their understanding, and will see that the global Jihad is advancing in many, many other ways quite aside from armed combat, or qitaal.

That's a start. That's a way of forcing the introduction of needed concepts. Begin with that of the "Dhimmi" and that of "Jihad." And go from there.

Keep it up. Don't stop.

There is a great deal of work to be done, a great many people who need to be educated.