Friday, August 03, 2007

Would Hannity feel the same about Mein Kampf?

In addressing the recent Pace University Qur'an flushing, Sean Hannity falsely equated Qur'an with the Bible and other religious texts. This spurs the question: Would he feel the same if the submerged text were Mein Kampf?

From the thread here.
Would Sean feel the same about Mein Kampf?

Sean argued that it is as wrong to place a Qur'an in a toilet as it would be to place a Bible in one.

I wonder, would he say the same thing about Mein Kampf?

If not, what does this say about his ability or willingness to tell the truth about Qur'an and Sunnah and the danger their teachings pose to all non-Muslims?

There are many informative comments and beneficial examples of how to address the logical fallacies to which apologists for jihad often resort.

More to come . . . .