Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dr. Walid Phares is an improvement, but still the Religion Which We Shall Not Name goes unnamed

300 unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation federal terrorism case expose themselves for what they are -- faithful Muslims working to destroy America from within. In so doing, they also explode the myth of the moderate Muslim majority.

Not too long ago, Hugh Hewitt invited one of them, CAIR, to be a guest on his radio program as representatives of American Muslims. Then his backwards, buck-toothed, red-necked, inbred listeners gave him a crash course on Islam. Shocked enough to scramble for a guest to refute his other guest, but not enough for him to actually examine and admit the nature of Islam even to this day, Hugh still persists in the "tiny minority of extremists" fantasy -- except when trying to justify the president's actions in the War of Self-Defense Against Allah.

The sad irony is, CAIR and Muslim groups like them are representative of Islam, since its god and founder require the establishment of the rule of Allah over all mankind using any means necessary, including -- but not limited to -- offensive warfare against non-Muslims.

As the unindicted referenced above confess, Muslims in America use our own political processes, legal system, civil liberties, and useful idiots to undermine the Constitution.

Dr. Walid Phares was a guest on Mr. Hewitt's program recently. Correctly, Dr. Phares identifies theology/ideology as the source of Islamic terrorism; unfortunately, he mentions neither Qur'an, Hadith, Islam, nor Mohammed, instead using terms like, "Islamist jihadism."

That makes him safe (for now) for Hugh to have on his show, but what will he do once the good doctor begins to point out the core elements of Islam that inspire and sustain the carnage? Will Hugh tell the truth, or obfuscate?

In the excerpt of their exchange below, note what is neither said nor asked.

Phares wonders who is advising the government on how to address Islamic terrorism (could it be the same people who told Hugh to give CAIR a public platform for their subversive propaganda?) The host doesn't follow up on that.

Neither does Hugh probe for more on what Phares calls "the real debate." This is what Hugh, Hannity, Rush, PotUS, and the rest are all afraid to address.

Hugh then talks about the "Salafist edge," as if that is all it is. He's hoping -- just as when he discovered the word "Wahabbism" -- that it's just a few misunderstanderers of Islam, people perverting the "great world religion" who want to enslave or kill us.

If Hugh were to do even the most minute amount of research, he would find that both terms refer to those who believe Qur'an is the perfect word of Allah and that Mohammed's words and deeds are "a beautiful pattern of conduct."

In other words, "Islam."

And why haven't we "begun the war of ideas"? Why can't we discuss it openly -- in Congress, on television, on Hugh's show? Because the truth is too terrifying? Because our political, media, and religious so-called "leaders" would rather be thought polite, tolerant, and enlightened? Because we don't have the courage to defend our civilization?

From here:
WP: There is this, there is also something that is beyond our realm. Who is advising government on how to treat it? Who in the Homeland Security, national security, and other type of circles that deal with that, is telling…not just whom, but what are they telling the government to do? Not to treat it as a jihadist movement, not to treat it as a terrorist movement, but as only individual criminals? For what reasons, we don’t know. We really don’t know.

HH: Has anyone engaged in this conversation with you? The Homeland Security cabinet secretary, Chertoff, or anyone?

WP: Not the secretary himself, but I have testified many times to DHS, to the FBI, to Congress, even DOD, and there are a lot of discussions back and forth, a lot of intelligent people out there. But again, when it reaches the level of lobby groups that can reach out to Congress, or reach out to the administration and say hey, we cannot discuss those issues, this is theology, this is not terrorism. And you know, my school tells me no. This is ideology, and we need to discuss it. We need to inform the American citizen of what’s going on. This is where the real debate begins.

HH: Now I’m really baiting the hook for the longer conversation after I’ve absorbed your new book, The War Of Ideas. But is it possible to turn the Salafist edge back on itself? Is it possible to win that war of ideas? Or just do we have to wait and watch it run its very destructive and horrible course?

WP: No, absolutely, we can begin the war or ideas. At this…we have not. And then we can, with time, turn the tide and win it. But we have not even began the real steps such as discussing it openly in Congress, have the right legislation for it, and have huge funding that is going in all directions, but not in the right directions, that is to fund the NGO’s, women’s movements, students movements, and all the intellectuals who in the Arab and Muslim world, including in the Diaspora, are completely anti-Salafist, pro-democracy. We have not begun to talk to them.