Thursday, November 29, 2007

Muslims decapitating schoolgirls for Allah is exactly like a teacher naming a teddy bear

Or alternatively, "Don't say Islam is violent or we'll kill you!"

Cry me a river. In response to one feeling sorry for Islam, from here:
"Muslims certainly feel under daily attack from the West"
Yes, Muslims ripping schoolgirls' heads from their bodies to shouts of "Allahu akbar!" is exactly like a teacher naming a teddy bear.
"from Mitt Romney saying there would be no room in his White House cabinet for a Muslim to the conservative bloggers who ridicule the Prophet and mock the religion."
Does not a lying, thieving, enslaving, raping, heretical, murderous, genocidal pedophile deserve some sort of public evisceration?

Why would you want in any non-Muslim land someone who believes it is the duty of the ummah to war against all who refuse to submit to the rule of Allah?
"Gibbons' arrest is a strike back at those who mock Islam."
Yes, in the West we regularly imprison those who insult deity. It's all perfectly natural.

So, is such a reaction justified? You say, "Prophet." That's awfully reverential toward the monster described in Qur'an and Sunnah, is it not? Does that come from religious devotion, or a precious self-image of enlightenment and tolerance?

If the former, how can you worship such a beast? If the latter, what is enlightened about defending the most barbarous, tyrannical, and intolerant ideology in the history of Man?
"The tragedy here, though, is that it hurts Islam. This severe reaction holds Islam up to more ridicule. It further divides Christians and Jews from Muslims."
Wow. A woman goes to prison for naming a teddy bear, and the damage to Islam is the tragedy?

Here's the essential point. It is what Islam teaches, preaches, and practices that hurts Islam, not what teachers, presidential candidates, or conservative bloggers might say.