Monday, June 29, 2009

Genuflecting to a Muslim tyrant

An American president bows to no one.

It used to be that standing up in defiance of tyranny was called "honor," "moral," "good," "duty."


Too many of our citizens are today perverse cowards. They despise such virtues. They appease murderers and rapists and lie in defense of the indefensible.

Naturally, the leaders they choose for themselves are no different.

America's Groveler-in-Chief demonstrated his Leftist (Islamic?) bona fides in bowing to the tyrant of Saudi Arabia, an act that should outrage (and alarm) every man, woman, and child who cherish (or long for) freedom.

Even those who paid no attention to our Slave-in-Chief's (that "abd" is Arabic for both "slave" and "Black man" reflects the Islamic attitude toward those of African descent and makes so many American Blacks' rejection of Christianity as the "White man's religion" in favor of Islam ironic, tragic, and ignorant; How do you think those African nations became Islamic?) Muslim and radical Leftist background, tendencies, and associations should realize now that the man who sits in the Oval Office is no friend of Liberty or America.

B. Hussein Obama is a friend to and demands that we respect Islam and all that entails, including "sacralized" genocide, honor killings, rape, pedophilia, female genital mutilation, slavery, wife-beating, gender discrimination, and religious persecution.

(Sounds like a Christian to me.)

Parvin Darabi, a woman born into Islam, whose sister died in the Islamic paradise of Iran struggling for equality of rights for women under shari'a, lays out clearly why genuflecting to the Saudi wretch was a monumental act of cowardice (or worse) here:

An open letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President, the Bow Was Wrong.

Today I watched the news about the establishment of Sharia laws in Afghanistan and the demonstrations by Afghani women against the barbaric laws of Islam which makes one member of the society subjugated and enslaved to the other.

Like you I grew up Muslim, unlike you I was a woman, and it is as a woman that I would like to tell you why the bow to the Saudi King and the Olive Branch to the Islamic world is wrong.

Why would you bow to a man who is the custodian of such horrible and outdated laws? Why should a man have the right to rape his wife? Why should a woman have to require her husband’s, father’s, son’s or even her grandson’s permission to leave her house as it is customary in Saudi Arabia? Why shouldn’t women in Saudi Arabia be able to drive a car, go to work, run for office or be elected or even vote? Why should a woman’s life worth, testimony and inheritance be half of her male [counterpart]? A law in all Islamic countries.

Why would you, the representative of the free world bow to the leader and custodian of a religion that allows men to beat, maim and even kill their female siblings for crimes such as falling in love? Haven't you heard about honor killings? I am sure you have seen the horrific news [reel] of the seventeen year old girl being held down by her brother and slashed by a Talib.

Why are you appeasing Muslims and why do you say that we have no animosity to Islam. Why not? What part of Sharia law you admire? The age of maturity for female, which is 9 years of age? The law that women have to be totally subjugated to their male relatives? Or the law that makes father or his family the custodian of young children in the case of death or divorce with no visitation rights for the mother? Or do you honor the law that allows men to have four permanent wives, or honor killing, or the law that women have to be wrapped in fifty yards of fabric when in presence of their male [counterpart]? Is Secretary Clinton going to wear an abaya, a chador or a burka when she meets with her [counterparts] in the Islamic world?

What was there to honor with the king of Saudi Arabia? Weren’t Saudi Arabia and Pakistan the only two countries that recognized Talibans as the legitimate government of Afghanistan? Weren’t the Talibans nurtured, helped and protected by the king of Saudi Arabia? Isn't Saudi Royal family the major contributor to the Muslim Brotherhood?

I am just so baffled[,] so are millions of women in the Islamic world. Thousands of women commit suicide every year in the Islamic world due to the Sharia laws. One such woman was my sister, Dr. Homa Darabi, who self-immolated on February 21st. 1994 in Tehran protesting the inhumane treatment of women under the Sharia laws. She was an American citizen and her story is published in the book, Rage Against the Veil, Prometheus, 1999.

Yes Mr. President, your bow to this dictator was and is an offense to all the women who cherish freedom and long for it in the Islamic world. This is not the change we voted for.

Mr. President, we must help the Islamic world to have their renaissance. We must make them to leave the 7th century and enter into the 21st. Koran must be rewritten. Sharia laws must be banned and freedom and democracy must be our goal in these forsaken places known as Islamic countries. We must help Muslim women to find life, liberty and the pursuit of their happiness not to bow to the Islamic dictators. Now this would be a change I could believe in.

I worked very hard to get you elected as my president and leader and to see you bow to such dictator as king of Saudi Arabia is an offense to me and my dead sister, Dr. Homa Darabi, the [well-known] Iranian Pediatrician, Child and Adolescent Psych[ia]trist.

Parvin Darabi
Co-author, Rage Against the Veil
Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation