Friday, June 05, 2009

Murderer of tens of thousands gets a taste of his own medicine

George Tiller received more consideration from his executioner than he offered to his victims.

Perhaps abortion supporters should consider his death just a really, really, late-term abortion.

To them, if it's a baby being slaughtered, it's a "Constitutional right," but if it's one of their own on the receiving end of a "procedure," it's a crime.

What is it that abortionists like George Tiller, Barack Hussein Obama, Notre Dame, and the Democratic Party defend(ed)?

The fiends at Planned Parenthood describe common abortion this way:
"[e]ither a hand-held suction device or a suction machine gently empties your uterus. Sometimes, an instrument called a curette is used to remove any remaining tissue that lines the uterus. It may also be used to check that the uterus is empty. When a curette is used, people often call the abortion a D&C — dilation and curettage.
"gently," "empties," "any remaining tissue." That "tissue" is what's left of the baby.

Euphemisms for cruel slaughter.

Abortionists butcher not only the unborn, but the English language as well, because this is what they're trying to hide:
Suction Abortion Also called vacuum aspiration, this is the most common abortion technique in use today. In this procedure a suction tube is inserted through the dilated cervix into the womb. A powerful vacuum tears the placenta from the uterus and dismembers the body of the developing child, sucking the pieces into an attached jar. There is a risk that the uterus can be punctured during the procedure. Also, the abortionist must take care that all the body parts are removed from the womb, as infection and hemorrhage can occur if fetal or placental tissue is left in the uterus.
You certainly wouldn't want someone dismembering their baby to feel any discomfort.
Dilation and Curettage: In a D&C abortion, usually performed between seven and twelve weeks of pregnancy, the doctor inserts a curette, a loop-shaped steel knife, into the womb through the dilated cervix. As the curette scrapes the wall of the uterus, the baby is cut into pieces. Bleeding can be considerable. As with a suction abortion, there is a risk of infection or hemorrhage, so the abortionist must reassemble the body parts to make sure the uterus is empty.
Can't leave any baby laying around, can we?
Dilation and Evacuation: This method is similar to a D&C, except that forceps must be used to grasp the baby's body because of the child's advanced development. The baby is dismembered as the abortionist twists and tears the parts of the body and slices the placenta away from the uterus. Bleeding is profuse. Although relatively safe for the mother, the procedure is devastating to the hospital staff and many doctors refuse to do advanced D&E abortions.
How bad must it be that exercising this fundamental, Constitutional right is "devastating" to human beings who otherwise have no qualms about butchering younger, more helpless babies?

George Tiller had no problem with any of this.

Neither does B. Hussein Obama, since he opposed protecting those who survived their murderers' vacuums and blades.

Instead of offering assurances of special protection to abortionists, he ought to be fulfilling his oath of office and defending Life.

Here's what made George Tiller a "hero":
Salt Poisoning (Saline Injection): "Salting out" is the second most common method of inducing abortion and is usually used after sixteen weeks. The doctor inserts a long needle through the mother's abdomen and injects a saline solution into the sac of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. The baby is poisoned by swallowing the salt and his skin is completely burned away. It takes about an hour to kill the baby. After the child dies, the mother goes into labor and expels the dead baby. Saline injections have been outlawed in some countries because of the risks to the mother, which can include lung and kidney damage if the salt finds its way into her bloodstream. In spite of the horrible burning effect, some babies have survived "salting out" and been born alive.

Hysterotomy; Similar to the Cesarean section, the hysterotomy abortion is a surgical procedure whereby the baby is removed from the mother's womb and allowed to die by neglect or killed by a direct act. This method offers the highest risk to the mother and produces the most number of live births. Hysterotomy is used only for late term pregnancies, and is sometimes used if the salt poisoning or prostaglandin abortion has failed.Just as Hitler's mufti -- the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem -- exhorted Nazis at a concentration camp he visited during The War, slaughtering innocents takes diligence!
Prostaglandin Abortion: Prostaglandin is a chemical hormone which induces violent labor and premature birth when injected into the amniotic sac. Since prostaglandin results in an unusually high percentage of live births, salt, urea or another toxin is often injected first. The risk of live birth from a prostaglandin abortion is so great that its use is recommended only in hospitals with neonatal intensive care units. The risk to the mother is also greater with the use of prostaglandin; complications can include cardiac arrest.
Utter barbarity.

Ann Coulter has it right:
Tiller bragged about performing 60,000 abortions, including abortions of viable babies, able to survive outside the mother's womb. He made millions of dollars performing late-term abortions so gruesome that only two other abortionists – not a squeamish bunch – in the entire country would perform them.
Abortionists have murdered tens of millions of innocent, helpless babies. What do those killers receive in return?

Not justice, not condemnation, not even a strongly-worded note. Instead, they get apologies, supplications, and assurances of special protection.

The unborn receive . . . only support for their butchers.

What kind of church allows a monster like that in their congregation? Those are no Lutherans. They're no Christians. They're hypocrites and cowards.

The Canaanites who worshiped Molech sacrificed their children no less brutally than Tiller and his coreligionists.

Who can hope to escape judgment?