Monday, August 24, 2009

Good news, for now, for Rifqa Bary

Despite the efforts of jihad's propagandists, outright liars like Mohamed Fadly and BMZ who obfuscate and silence the truth about Muhammad, and Islam's Useful Idiot dhimmis, like Rory Graycrow Underclass, Dovod, and the entire Western Political-Media Complex, one life has been snatched from the gaping maw of hell, from her own Muslim parents, at least temporarily.

Note also the example of Wafa Sultan. Raised Muslim, she recognized the "violent, hateful Islamic doctrines embedded in the Shariah," rejected Islam, and now works for human rights in order to save Muslims and non-Muslims alike from Islam.

And I am criticized for pointing out what the texts say, what Wafa Sultan recognizes, for exposing the most hateful ideology in the history of man, one that sends Muslim souls to hell and for non-Muslims, creates hell on Earth.

Good news, for now, for Rifqa Bary:
Geller reported the girl's friends had accompanied her to the school counselor after they noticed bruises covering her arms and legs that allegedly resulted from beatings by her father and brother. "The middle school, in a serious dereliction of duty, did not report these beatings to child welfare services," Geller reported. "Beatings were random, violent, unprovoked. Take, for example, when Rifqa and her father Mohamed were driving in the car. He would force her to wear the hijab (head covering), which she hated. In her discomfort she would slouch down, embarrassed, and her father would haul off and sock her in the face so that she never forgot to sit up straight in her costume. The beatings were regular and so much a part of the landscape of Rifqa's life, she became inured to them …"

Geller said the teen's case "is a public relations nightmare for Islamist groups, as her plea validates everything that scholars such as Ibn Warraq, Robert Spencer, Dr. Andrew Bostom, Wafa Sultan, etc., have written and said."

Sultan, a Syrian-born psychiatrist, human rights activist and author, wrote on that the case "highlights the danger of creeping jihad in the Western world. "This is not only because of the imminent danger the teenage girl may face right here in the U.S., had the court decided to have her return to her parents' home, but also because of the mainstream media's weak response to the severity of this case.

"I was born and raised as a Muslim in Syria. I practiced Islam for thirty years of my life. Now I am a known human rights activist striving to save our future Muslim generations from the impact of the violent, hateful Islamic doctrines embedded in the Shariah," she continued.

"My life is also threatened, not only by my own extended family, but bycountless men who consider themselves devout Muslims. Under Shariah, if a Muslim leaves Islam or converts to another religion he/she is an 'apostate,' to be killed. Under Shariah every Muslim has the right to kill such an apostate without any questions asked," she warned.