Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama now scared of own shadow -- and the elderly

Instead of being concerned about Muslims seeking to overthrow the Constitution through both violent and non-violent means, he's worried about "right-wing extremists," which in his mind include our military, those who oppose slaughtering the unborn, the Founding Fathers, and -- Grandma.

In other words, the "President" of the United States is worried about American citizens expressing their concern over the expansion of government his power at the expense of their own God-given rights (yes, I realize that's redundant: You can't have an expansion of government without a proportionate loss of Liberty).

We don't want Nazi Germany. We don't want the Soviet Union. We don't want the Caliphate. We don't want the Twilight Zone's "Obsolete Man."

We want America.

All this just goes to show how depraved the Media are: While most Americans are up in arms over Obama going so far left into socialist tyranny, the media are upset that he hasn't gone far enough!

Chris Matthews will have to find someone else to make him tingle. It's so retro, but perhaps, Adolph Hitler?

From here:
Media coverage of Obama has taken a sudden sour turn over the past few days – especially from the more unapologetically leftist crowd – since the president hinted over the weekend that the so-called 'public option' could be scrapped from his health care reform plans.
"How did we get here?" objected MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. "How did we get to the foretold 'death' of the public option? ... We got here through a collapse of political ambition."
In an eight-minute advocacy piece for government-run health care, blasting Big Business and free market insurance coverage, Maddow turned her ire on the president and congressional Democrats for backing down from drafting a socialized health care system like those adopted by some European nations.