Thursday, August 13, 2009

Republicans more vile than the devout Muslims who carried out 9/11

I haven't heard of anyone saying that of even Bill Clinton, and he had several opportunities to retire UBL.

(Of course, since the problem is not one person but the ideology, bin Laden's death would have only delayed our first Black Tuesday.)

In response to claiming that the GOP's (alleged) exploitation of 9/11 was worse than the barbarism carried out that day, from here:
Ghost of Violet,

Your minimizing large-scale slaughter in service to Allah in comparison to alleged political calculations (that look like effective self-defense nearly eight years since the attack) is vile, disgusting, and libelous.

I suppose you'd prefer a big hole in the ground and thousands more dead in downtown Los Angeles, for that is what we'd have endured if waterboarding (so torturous that our military undergo it in training) hadn't been used on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (to you, one genocidal Muslim terrorist's feelings are more important than innocent American lives, right?).

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Rather than shedding light on what motivated 9/11 (one devastating day in nearly fourteen hundred years of global jihad -- including 14,000 Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone), you obfuscate with shameless political ad hominems.

So much for the "GOP dictatorship." And how do you explain the fact that despite "stifling censorship," your excretion here is still online?

When did Obama save your 'blog? Was it before or after demanding that jihad's victims "respect" Islam? Was it before or after he bowed to the Saudi tyrant, ruler of one of the most repressive shari'a states on Earth? Was it before or after he apologized to Islam at al-Azhar, whose president endorses suicide bombings?

No one should be blamed for 9/11 but the people who carried it out and the ideology that motivated their bloodlust, Islam.

And those who aid its advance, whether through malice or ignorance, have a share in the bloodguilt.

Open your eyes, or we'll all be ghosts.