Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Duly-elected tyrants serve only themselves, not the public

Our federal and state politicians believe that you exist to provide them power and position, the fruit of your labor, authority over your children, and control over even your bodies, words, and thoughts.

Massive taxpayer-funded salaries, pensions, medical care (no Obamacare for them, that's for the little people!), security, and vacation in the guise of "fact-finding missions" and "international relations."

Confiscatory and oppressive taxation; politician-induced recessions, inflation, and economic crises "not seen since the Great Depression;" colossal, unpayable debt; stifling hyper-regulation of business; and laws punishing words and thoughts they find objectionable (aren't all crimes "hateful"?).

Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms are in jeopardy.

Our elected officials -- there are a few exceptions -- are not public servants seeking your betterment.  They are independent contractors who've learned how to manipulate the business of government to their own benefit, not yours.

They bankrupt and disarm the nation, endanger and enslave our children and grandchildren, and we reward them with . . . re-election.

Until and unless Americans stop voting for tyrants and instead choose people who'll actually obey and defend the Constitution and our Rights, the Republic is doomed.