Sunday, October 04, 2009

Impeach the treasonous Obama now

In its ignorance, greed, and fear, the American people elected someone who was obviously an America-hating, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamosympathetic (if not covertly still Muslim), narcissistic despot.

No one who was paying attention before the election can be surprised by what the Illegal-Immigrant-in-Chief is doing to bankrupt and disarm the nation, rendering it helpless before our enemies, but I'll bet all of us hoped it wouldn't be this bad this quickly.

Obama is Delilah, and he's just given Uncle Sam(son) a flat-top.

The one good thing about a Hillary/Obama victory last November would have been that the big-government tyranny that would have continued slowly eroding the Rule of Law under a President McCain is now flagrant, obvious, shameless, and accelerated.

Only three questions remain to be answered: First, will the American people wake up in time and with enough sustained patriotic rage to oppose successfully and then reverse not just the recent Statist advances in America, but also the slow descent into tyranny of the last eighty years?

Second, does an American leader exist who will not only obey the Constitution's limits on his or her power, but also understands, can, and will articulate the actual nature of our enemy, which is the totalitarian ideology founded by Muhammad on Allah's command and his own example?

Third, is the Stranger in the White House merely a typical suicidally-stupid Socialist tyrant doing what Hillary would have done (I would think she'd have been a little more protective of and a little less reckless with the welfare of the land of her birth), or is he a malevolent Muslim mole?

Either way, Obama has just this week alone undermined the Republic in these ways:
1) Legitimized the terrorist Organization of the Islamic Conference (including Guyana?) and advanced the global imposition of shari'a at the United Nations by cosponsoring with Egypt the OIC-backed UN Human Rights Council's resolution criminalizing truth-telling about Islam.

2) Threatened to use Unconstitutional Executive Overreach to bypass the Congress -- and the Constitution -- in enacting his agenda.

3) Allowed the surrender of control of the Internet to other nations. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is now going to allow to other nations influence over the Internet making it -- according to one article -- a "virtual UN."
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, both Communist and Muslim tyrants will influence (to what degree remains to be seen) and perhaps censor your Freedom of Speech and the Individual's last forum for the free exchange of information and ideas.
Imagine giving control of the Printing Press to the Ottoman Empire or the Moors of Spain.  It would have been the end of Western Civilization as we know it.
4) Despite the crocodile tears shed during the campaign over "taking our eye off the ball" by going after The Other Hussein's WMD instead of pouring all our resources into Afghanistan, now, when our military leaders are stating publicly that without more troops we will lose to the Taliban and his allegedly-former coreligionists, what does Obama do?  Immediately give to our Best and Bravest the resources and manpower they need to crush satan's spawn?  Rush to the theater to lend moral support to those defending our Life and Liberty?
No, he goes to Denmark to try to get billions in Olympic building-project money for his fellow anti-American cogs in the Chicago Political Machine and ends up shaming himself (again).
Obama is bankrupting and disarming the nation.

He's bleeding our military in Afghanistan.

The First Amendment has a scimitar to its neck.

And so do you, America.