Friday, October 23, 2009

John and Ken's contempt for Christianity aids Muslim obfuscation for jihad

A (now open) letter:
John and Ken,

I have been a listener for several years. I admire your vigor in exposing and condemning corruption in government.

Thank you.

On the matter of Neo-Darwinian Evolutionary Theory and Islamic jihad, you hold yourselves to a lower burden-of-proof and demonstrate a profound lack of intellectual integrity, however.

During one show this week, you claimed that when a species needs to evolve, it does. Darwinism's mechanism of change is only random, minor genetic mutations. What do such copying errors produce?

Usually, death or severe illness.

Random, minor genetic mutations are not only unable to modify existing genetic program into newer, more complex code, it can do nothing to produce it from scratch in the first place.

When the first miraculous "evolved" bird hatched from a reptile's egg (how did that happen, again?) and soared up into the sky, what do you think went through its head when it realized it had no one with which to mate?

As for Islam, you asserted with regard to Muslim murder, "It doesn't matter which book you read!" Such a claim reveals an embarrassing lack of either education or moral clarity.

"Which book you read" matters absolutely.

Christ committed no sin, spoke only the truth, healed the sick, raised the dead, died for the sins of the whole world, and Himself resurrected. He taught, "Love your neighbors as yourself," and, "Love your enemies."

Muhammad and his allah commanded, practiced, and endorsed genocide, child-rape, rape, mutilation, torture, slavery, extortion, blasphemy, religious and gender discrimination, and anti-Semitism. They demand, "kill the pagans wherever you find them . . . Fight against . . . the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] until they feel themselves subdued and pay the jizya [oppressive poll-tax, part of the dhimma system] . . . Paradise [belongs] to those who slay and are slain fighting in Allah's cause" (Qur'an 9).

Such nescient, false moral equivalences condemn souls to hell and perpetuate hell-on-earth for non-Muslims, apostates, women, and little girls.

You owe your listeners the facts . . . .