Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Amateurishness" or malice?

What must one conclude when every decision an allegedly-former-Muslim makes advances jihad against the non-Muslim world? When it was Presidents Clinton and Bush bombing Christians in defense of Muslims waging jihad, enshrining shari'a into the constitutions of two new "democracies" (how's that for oxymoronic?), and agitating for an Islamic Kosovo in the heart of Europe, one could reasonably conclude that they were merely clueless dhimmis either indulging their multiculturalist prejudice against the greatest civilization the world has ever known or operating on the suicidal misconception that Islam lends itself naturally to freedom. But President Obama?

How can the "smartest president ever" who:
-was Muslim,

-attended Qur'an classes as a child (was he illiterate and deaf?),

-has received and given aid to rabid Muslim anti-Semites (yes, that's doubly-redundant),

-attended a rabidly-anti-American "church" for twenty years, calling its anti-Semitic leader his "spiritual mentor,"

-expressed his determination to "stand with the Muslims" after 9/11,

-referred in an interview during his last campaign to "my Muslim faith,"

-described the Islamic call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset,"

-invited the Muslim Brotherhood -- whose stated purpose is to "bring down Western Civilization from within" -- to both his Cairo propaganda event and to govern Egypt,

-obfuscated and deflected when an Indian schoolgirl at another photo op in Dar al-Islam asked him about the meaning of "jihad,"

-works tirelessly to undermine the only decent nation in the Middle East, Israel, and

-is bankrupting and disarming the Republic
not know that he's aiding the advance of jihad and shari'a?

I hope that Niall Ferguson is right. Perhaps I'm giving Obama too much credit. Maybe he's only Another Liberal Fraud feigning competence while indulging a typically-leftist loathing of the West.

But if Obama really is as intelligent as his followers claim, then it's not "amateurishness" that leads him to help our enemies and abandon our friends, it's malice.

Niall Ferguson explains Obama's malfeasance alleged incompetence: