Monday, February 07, 2011

How can you trust the judgment of someone who's descended voluntarily from Christ (at least nominally) to Smith to Muhammad to Oblivion?

Self-described in 2005 as "an historical serial religionist - Catholic, Mormon, Muslim - and a current areligionist," Timothy Behrend demonstrates an Islamic zeal in hiding from non-Muslims until it's too late the truth about Muhammad. If he really is no longer Muslim -- someone who claims to be an expert on Islam yet calls an accurate summary of Muhammad's words and deeds a "risible, anachronistic caricature" can hardly be considered trustworthy -- then the good professor is manifesting instead the murderous ignorance and suicidal self-loathing of those non-Muslims whose hatred of Christianity leads them to defend hell rather than their own civilization.

[How can you trust the judgment of someone who's descended voluntarily from Christ (at least nominally) to Smith to Muhammad to Oblivion? (At least Oblivion doesn't necessarily behead innocents and rape little girls.) Below is my reply to another of his lies in defense of the genocidal pedophile, written when all signs pointed to his being still a slave to Allah.]

Whether Muslim, apostate, or just saboteur, Timmy Behrend works to be one reason Why nobody understands Islam:
Timmy defends the genocidal pedophile Muhammad, but attacks . . . pronouns!

Rather than condemn Muhammad's crimes against God and Man as recorded in his own "sacred" texts, he variously:
1) Errs grammatically -- if "them" is "meaningless," then Timmy would not have understood its relation to its antecedent; regardless, "them" is the objective of "they," which is the plural of several third person pronouns including "it."

2) Imputes falsely to me either racism for "inventing racist discourses" or ignorance for believing them;

3) Misrepresents America's suicidally-deranged efforts at self-defense against his braver coreligionists. Anyone paying attention would know that official American policy toward Islam is: "Great world religion of peace hijacked by extremists (if only that had been a pun!) . . . They're just like us . . . All people yearn for freedom . . . Don't jump to conclusions . . . Jihad has nothing to do with Islam . . . Let's give them a democracy!" on which we've squandered billions in treasure and priceless blood;

4) Defames Islam by calling its "beautiful pattern of conduct" a "risible . . . anachronistic caricature;"

5) Contradicts himself by claiming variously that no one can define Islam, no one knows what all Muslims believe, and "no Muslims believe it";

6) Defames Christ, Christianity, and America by confusing all three for "authentic Muslim beliefs" (which he says do not exist; see #5 above);

7) Libels Christians around the world;

8) Engages in more ridiculous tu quoque while demonstrating his utter ignorance of my religious beliefs; instead of throwing out slanderous accusations and hoping at least one will stick, why not deal with fact?

9) Calls my quoting of Muhammad's words and deeds -- which I condemn -- "dangerous for US society and the world at large," but excuses, dismisses, extenuates, and obfuscates for Muslims' quoting -- and actually practicing -- them.
Islam is an ideology, not a race. I merely quote, paraphrase, and summarize Muhammad's words and deeds -- and what his followers have done in devotion to him -- which is why no lie, no logical fallacy, no disgraceful misdirection is too base for Timmy to employ.

Timmy's a credit to his religion. Sorry, I meant "exemplar."
[And just in case Amazon deletes these:
Can't help but confuse categories, Timmy? Or is it just a pathological mendacity?

It's not "non-Christian displays of personal religiosity" that offend; it's personal displays of the most vile ideology ever sprung from hell. "Sacralized" genocide, pedophilia, rape, and slavery deserve only scorn. Derision. Obliteration.

Why don't they offend you, Timmy?
Imposing special rights for Muslims -- to the detriment of non-Muslims -- is the essence of shari'a.]