Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Muslims trying to prove "out-of-context" only highlight what their genocidal pedophile preached and practiced

Implying error on my part, Fazeel Gareeboo actually quotes passages from Islam's "sacred" texts requiring the enslavement and slaughter of those who refuse the "invitation" to convert.

(Unfortunately, he has yet to denounce them.)

From here:
USC's MSA (an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated purpose is to bring down Western Civilization from within), lists the hadith in question as Number 25. As of January, 2006, when I saved a copy of their site (just in case the MSA decided to hide what their genocidal pedophile Muhammad actually said and did), the hadith in question was numbered "24":
Bukhari before the MSA changed its numbering
You'll have to ask USC's MSA why they changed it.

More importantly, you've verified that I've not misrepresented the texts. You've emphasized powerfully the fact that -- according to Muhammad -- the non-Muslim must confess Muhammad and his allah to "save his life and property" from him.

Now that you've admitted that Muhammad commanded and practiced offensive warfare against non-Muslims to make the world Islam, will you denounce those commands and example, Fazeel?