Thursday, July 01, 2004

A critical question in a time of war

Here's an article that complements my earlier post on the Qur'an: Question Authority: The Quran mentions beheading. Why does the U.S. press claim otherwise?

I've got some answers:
1) President Bush, rathering than telling the truth about what motivates Islam's violence against non-Muslims, tries to equate Islam with Judaism and Christianity;

2) Most of the Western press is so anti-American that any attack against the U.S. (especially with that right-wing fanatic Bush in office) is probably deserved;

3) "My enemy's enemy is my friend;" and

4) Political-correctness is so powerful that most people are afraid to tell the truth about Islam for fear of being called "Islamophobe" or some other name.
The first step to healing is admitting there's a problem. Neither can you defeat an enemy you do not recognize.

Jihad in America | Media unwilling to tell the truth about the Qur'an's commands to beheading