Monday, July 26, 2004

Democratic National Convention, Day 1

After the first night of the convention, several things are clear:

1) Al Gore is bitter.

I gave up counting (after six) the number of times the former vice-president referred to his electoral loss in Florida (subsequently verified by independent Florida media).

At least he didn't conclude his comments with "YEEEEEEEAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!"

2) When Bill Clinton speaks, he lies.

His remarks just concluded, the only thing more remarkable than the irony of his addressing the topics he did is that he did it with a straight face (and without bursting into flame).

It is ironic (but not funny) that the former Offender-in-Chief would talk about...

...Values.  After promising the most ethical administration in history, Mr. Clinton went on to give us perjury and obstruction of justice (for which his license to practice law was revoked; unlike the gutless Senate, at least someone had the courage to hold him accountable), China-gate, a number of suspicious deaths, and (apparently) something so horrific that his National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, would risk everything to steal and destroy top-secret documents.

...The Vietnam War.  He protested against America in a foreign nation.

...National Security.  Clinton/Gore had eight years and numerous opportunities to neutralize bin Laden and to punish those who unleashed a series of murderous, terrorist attacks against Americans, but did nothing (call the 9-11 Commission--there's your smoking gun!).

...The Economy.  After unsuccessfully trying to socialize medicine, he supported Republican-sponsored Welfare Reform, presided over a number of corporate scandals as they occurred (which are now coming to light), and left America in the early stages of a recession.

...Foreign Nations Undue Influence on American Policy.  China-gate.

3) The Democratic Party must lie to have a chance to win.

The election will turn upon to what extent the Democrats can deceive the American electorate.

The Democrats must convince us this week that they are not what they are: "Lefter than Left."

Kerry and Edwards are the first and fourth most liberal members of the Senate.  The Party as a whole has become socialist, statist, condescending, and amoral.  It is without conscious, calling good "evil" and evil "good."  It espouses ideologies contrary to America's political and moral founding.  As rule, the Democratic Party demonizes, dismisses, and tries to shame into silence those who espouse the Christian religion.

One recurring Democratic theme is that President Bush "lied us into war."  The ironic thing is that they lie when claiming this, and the great tragedy (and treason) of it is that their political success depends upon America's failure.

As revealed recently, Joseph Wilson lied about Saddam's efforts to acquire enriched uranium from Africa (he did), and he lied about his wife's influence in getting him the job (she did).

Notably, Iraq's Allawi recently stated that they've been gathering intelligence that indicates Saddam sent his WMD out of the country before and during the war (no doubt while President Bush was trying for a year to "isolate" us from the UN).

One can only hope that the American people see Kerry and his ideological bedfellows for what they are, so that they're "so Left, they're gone."