Tuesday, July 13, 2004

UN hypocrisy: Annan Says AIDS Fight Must Match War on Terror

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Does this mean France, Germany, and Russia are going to encourage "unprotected" promiscuity, and the UN will do nothing about it until it is too late?

The president of Uganda, whose country has achieved the greatest rate of reduction of HIV/AIDS of any African nation, attributes the nation's success to abstinence for younger people and faithfulness for older people. Abstinence is the only 100% effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.

President Bush supports the same strategy, but is criticized by Leftists at home and abroad.

Another interesting tidbit from this article: Annan says the United States should lead in the effort against HIV/AIDS.

This prompts two questions. First, what does $15 billion and the promotion of the only known, always-effective prevention of the disease, abstinence, mean? Second, when we lead the effort to separate Saddam Hussein from his WMD and end his support of Islamic terrorism, where was this support for American leadership?

Part of the explanation for this rank hypocrisy seems to be here: "The conference -- the biggest gathering of scientists, activists, drug company bosses and AIDS sufferers -- has seen daily protests by activists shouting "Shame, Shame" against Bush and other rich country leaders accused of failing to support a U.N.-backed global AIDS fund."

Like the UN-Iraq Food-for-Oil Diplomat Charitable Fund, it seems to be all about the money--in this case, the American taxpayers'.