Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The president's sense of irony

It was unfunny enough when, in speaking of the actions of the nineteen devils who flew our planes into our own buildings, President Bush accused them of "hijacking" a "great world religion."

Now, just weeks after rightly criticizing the Traitor of the House for meeting with Syria's leadership, President Bush chooses to meet with an avowed enemy of the United States on our Memorial Day. A more grave insult to those Americans (and their families) whose lives and health have been taken by Iranian munitions, personnel, and training can hardly be imagined.

There is one other irony worth noting on this occasion: added to other little things -- like damaging our national sovereignty by refusing to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders six years after 9/11 -- this latest betrayal of the American people will make it necessary for the president to lay a wreath not only in honor of our heroic fallen, but also in memory of his own legacy and the backing even of his most ardent supporters.