Monday, May 28, 2007

Unsurprisingly impeccable judgment from a usual suspect

From here:
. . . even as we provide the global jihad with legitimate justification for attacking the U.S. civilian population by continuing to occupy land that isn't ours.
The moral inversion in this statement is disgusting; it's limited understanding embarrassing.

There is no justification for attacks on our civilians. This author should have said "as we provide the global jihad with another pretext for attacking" our civilian population.

Of course, to Allah and his false prophet, no Infidel civilian is truly innocent (nor, when circumstances require the proper vocabulary, even a "civilian"). Regrettably, to the nescient and self-centered It's All About Us. We Deserve It.

Suicide bombing is just one tactic used in today's Global Jihad. There are many other ways to subjugate or kill Infidels in order to establish the rule of Allah. Just ask the House of Saud, Ahmed Bedier, or Mahmoud A.

How many of those "Communist and Socialist Arab" suicide bombers were Methodists? Of those three-hundred-plus attacks, how many were directed against Israel (wrongly defined by their Islamic, MSM, and European Socialist/Muslim-appeasing enemies as "Occupiers")?

Whose land were we occupying when the Barbary pirates attacked, killed, and enslaved American sailors in the early days of the Republic? What about when a resurgent Jihad exploded against the United States in '79, '83, and throughout the '90's? In 2000? Whom were we oppressing when nineteen devils in the service of Allah used our own planes to slaughter thousands on 9/11?

Whose lands were the ancient pagan, Jewish, Christian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu, and animist populations of the Old World "occupying" when Islam slaughtered, raped, enslaved, and subdued them?

What this pundit (and those he mocks) fail to understand is that the only "legitimate justification" needed by the faithful Muslim to war against and kill Infidels is the command of Allah, the example of his false prophet, and the fact that we are not Muslim.

To faithful Muslims, all Infidel land is rightly seen as belonging to Allah. It just our fault for being on it before they got here.