Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Religious bigotry fueled by ignorance and bitter experience

Unlike that motivating much of the LDS' wolf-crying, this is an unfounded charge. A few comments on Instadhimmi's inaugural post:
My own experience, however, is that Christians can lose it, too. Death threats aren't the same as murder, of course. But I was appalled at the behavior I experienced, which included nasty threats, wishes that my wife would suffer Terri Schiavo's fate, and nasty phone calls to my home as my wife recovered from heart surgery. That behavior, from religious pro-lifers, seemed kind of un-Christian to me. So pardon me if my faith that things can never get worse is weaker than Bryan's.
It appears a certain personal animosity toward "Fundamentalist" Christians motivates the comparison with the Religion of Jihad. In his own words, Instapundit indicates the comparison is unfounded, yet he still makes it.

This brings certain points to mind:

First, isn't it improper to indict an entire religious group because of the actions of a few? Unlike Islam, name any cases of Fundamentalist Christians threatening and carrying out violence in the name of Christ and citing Biblical justifications for their actions.

Second, anyone who would equate Fill-in-the-Blank Christianity with Islam needs to "hit the books" and get it straight. Such an equivalence indicates compromised judgment, a dearth of knowledge, or both.

Third, Islamic violence against Infidels and Apostates is commanded by Allah and his apostle, and for nearly fourteen hundred years has been carried out around the world as Muslim knowledge, belief, resources, and zeal allowed. Though Christians have done evil, that behavior is contrary to the teachings of Christ and atypical.

Fourth, where are Hugh Hewitt's outrage and cries of "bigotry," or is that only reserved for justified theological criticism of his next PotUS?

Fifth, those who would call themselves "Christian" should strive to behavior properly in all circumstances.