Monday, May 21, 2007

We do not need racial profiling in the War on Terror

For Islam is not a race.

Neither are we in a war against a tactic -- we are engaged in a War of Self-Defense Against Islam, a war which many have had to enter over the centuries, many of whom were too slow to respond, too unprepared to win, and too weak to survive.In baseball, two out of three would make an MVP or a batting champ. Two out of three here is killing us, and neither President Bush, his cabinet, nor his "center-right" pundits show any signs of realizing their fundamental error.

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Hugh Hewitt is right to call for strong measures against allowing terrorists entry into our country. There is a problem, however.

Last week Hugh noted the need for greater scrutiny of Arab immigrants. He couldn’t be more wrong. This blindness—indicative of many in the West—has (and will) cost many American lives.

The problem is not the terrorists’ race, it is their ideology. That ideology is one of war and conquest of the non-Muslim for Allah. Mohammed commanded: “Fight against the people until they confess that none but Allah has the right to be worshiped and Allah is his messenger.” He also instructed the faithful in how to deal with Infidels: “. . . invite them to Islam . . . if they refuse, offer them to pay the poll tax [jizya] . . . if they refuse to pay, then fight . . . .”

Albanians were planning to carry out attacks here in the U.S. A story today notes that Muslim terrorist groups are recruiting among American blacks because, like Hugh, too many people are looking for “Arabs” or “Middle Eastern-looking men.”

The problem is Islam.