Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dhimmitude at x3dfx

During the days of 3Dfx, a now defunct video graphics chip manufacturer, I was a regular reader/participant in their Discussion forums. When the company died five years ago, I found my way to a board named, aptly enough, x3dfx.

I was recently accused of racism, intolerance, hatred, bigotry, stupidity--in general, I was treated most unkindly--until finally I was permanently banned for posting Qur'anic texts and facts regarding Islamic theology and history (and refusing to submit to one moderator's false charges). Though one or two others spoke up in my defense, the ban remained.

When Islam left its calling card in the UK on July 7th, I went back to the forum to see if anyone had realized that perhaps something was going on that didn't quite fit the West's politically correct, multicultural paradigm. Again, presenting factual information in a respectful way received a less-than-civil reception.

Today, after quite a bit of time away, I returned to the forum. Upon seeing a thread discussing Iran's (and the Muslim world's) hatred of Israel, it seemed like the right time to add some context to the discussion.

You can probably predict how that turned out.

Here's the text of my four posts in response to others' comments. Perhaps you'll find something useful here.

Post #1
One Who Shall Remain Nameless wondered...

How someone like Iran's president could attain such a position. [-Paraphrase mine.]
He's in such a high position because since the Islamic revolution of the late 70's, Iran has been a theocracy. It is the will of (much of) the people. From Jihad Watch:
"A senior Iranian cleric on Friday backed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent comment that the Holocaust was a myth, the official IRNA news agency reported.

``The recent comments made by the president ... are completely logical and are what all Iranians say,'' Ayatollah Ali Meshkini told worshippers at Friday prayers in the city of Qom.

Ahmadinejad on Wednesday said the Holocaust was a myth and suggested Israel be moved to North America or Europe, comments that drew swift international condemnation.

``After the Second World War, the Zionists have spread lies that Hitler, Austria and Germany killed more than six million Jews in the furnaces in order to create a favorable situation for themselves in the world,'' said Meshkini.

Meshkini is chairman of Iran's Assembly of Experts, a clerical body that elects and supervises the performance of Iran's Supreme Leader, currently Ayatollah Ali Khamenei."
I have read (and heard) that many of Iran's younger generation are much less Islamic and more pro-West, but what can college kids do against theologically-justified governmental force?

And what else can one expect when Islam (Shariah) is the law of the land?

Post #2
Another Who Shall Remain Nameless commented...

The United States and its allies ought to take decisive military action against Iran. [-Paraphrase mine.]
Continental Europe (read France and their sycophantic neighbors) will do nothing until it is too late (and then call the US for help). England, though starting off well by aiding the US effort in Iraq and talking tough after July 7th, is now showing signs of appeasement by weakening its stance regarding shutting down pro-Jihad mosques within its borders (and having loathesome, lying, closet-Muslim/flaming dhimmi George Galloway as one of England's most visible spokesmen doesn't inspire confidence either).

The US has positioned itself well in the Middle East; whether Iran or Syria is next is hard to tell. Both have aided Muslims seeking to kill Americans with personnel, supplies, money, and safe passage.

Whether or not the United States acts, Israel will have to defend itself; to do nothing against an enemy who has repeatedly threatened it with extinction would be, once Iran has acquired nuclear capability, national suicide.
"That and the israelis building up a federal state with the palestinians would be an ideal solution, wouldn't it?"
Israel already allows Arabs full citizenship; they have more rights than their fellow "Palestinians" do in neighboring Arab lands.

And since Oslo, Israel has repeatedly given up land it rightfully won in battle against enemies who attacked it without provocation.

Israel will never have peace with its Muslim neighbors: under traditional Islam, once a land has been conquered by it, it always belongs to Islam. Just as the Nobel Peace Prize-winning terrorist Arafat declared (and Iran's president has recently reaffirmed), Islam's goal is to drive Israel into the sea, to wipe it from the face of the earth.

Post #3
An Anti-Dhimmi noted...

Iran has a long history of supporting terrorism. They are a danger to the free world. [-Paraphrase mine.]
Suicide bombing may be a relatively new tactic used in Jihad, but the idea of dying while trying to kill the enemies of Islam is not.

The Qur'an promises that the faithful who die fighting "in the cause of Allah" (that means war against the enemies of Allah, i.e., unbelievers) will enter Paradise (and that means virgins, boys, wine, honey, milk, etc.).

Mohammed himself, that paragon of tolerance, said that to fight Jihad is the greatest of works.
"These folks are also strong believes in an Islamic world. They hate the Jews and the western world. Max this isnt the first time Iran has said it wants Israel wiped off the face of the planet.
What should worry President Bush is Iran has Weapons of Mass Destruction and is full of fanatical Muslims willing to die for the eradication of the West and the Jewish people."
Because the Qur'an commands its adherents to "fight until all religion is for Allah;" to fight against "the People of the Book [Jews and Christians] until they feel themselves subdued and pay the jizya;" and to "kill the unbelievers wherever you find them."

This warfare against non-Muslims for the sake of spreading Islam has continued globally since the time of Mohammed.

We tend to focus on Jihad against Europe and the United States, but millions (billions?) of Eastern Europeans, Middle Easterners, Africans, Central Asians, Indians, and Southeast Asians have been slaughtered, enslaved, subjugated, or converted by force by Islam.

We're just waking up to it in the West.

Post #4
Another Realizing the Danger observed...

Iran's president is hateful and damaging the minds of the youth of his country. [-Paraphrase mine.]
He is only preaching traditional Islamic doctrine (the Qur'an describes Allah making Jews into apes and pigs; a recent Middle Eastern children's show relates that "fact" using some sort of claymation technique).

What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

[That is sarcasm, but not intended at you--it is for those (like A Great Intellect) who have accused me of intolerance and racism for pointing out what others believe and teach!]
"Fact is back then during the holocaust Hitler would have killed him anyway for being "nomadic desert trash". The Nazi's didn't care who you were, if you weren't Arian (the idealistic German race as Hitler put it), you were as good as dead and were after the SS dealt with you."
Yes, Hitler was bad, but he was not intolerant of all Middle Eastern people.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was one of his special associates, going so far as to encourage Nazis slaughtering Jews at a concentration camp he was visiting to work more diligently.