Thursday, July 30, 2009

In defending Muhammad, one must point to patches of shade to prove the sun doesn't shine

More from here:
Mohamed Fadly claims he has . . .
stated verses and Hadith refuting your misguiding lies that peace verses came only when Muslims were weak in Mecca . . . .
I did not write "only."

Is that carelessness or dishonesty?

Pointing out that Sura 9 allows "asylum" for those who ask for it is no credit to Muhammad nor his allah, since from what did they need protection?


You can't point to Muhammad granting protection from himself as proof that Muhammad was a peaceful man.

You point to the people the genocidal monster didn't kill as proof he wasn't a genocidal monster, all the while drowning in an ocean of blood.

You point to the child-rape victim's apathetic acceptance of the only life she ever knew as proof she liked being raped by the pedophile prophet.

In defending Muhammad, you're pointing to patches of shade to prove the sun doesn't shine.

The more you do it, the more people will notice the light, sooner or later.