Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Shari'a in Dearborn, Michigan

Know your place, dhimmi, or else.

This is what happens once Muslims in a region reach critical mass. As bad as this is, it is nothing compared to what occurs in proto-shari'a states like the UK and France and every Muslim Hell-hole you can name.

What will the Abd-in-Chief say about this? He hasn't defended his "fellow" citizens' unalienable Rights to Freedom of Speech and Assembly in Dearborn, allowing Muslim terrorists and their Useful Idiot Dhimmis there to relegate a Christian group to an out-of-the-way corner in order to appease Islamic sensibilities -- and to soothe their fear of a free exchange of ideas.

If Islam is so great, why do Muslims fear open criticism of Muhammad? Other Muslims' hearing the Gospel?

If Obama defends the Islamic tyrants who murder their own people -- including Neda Soltani, another Christian victim of Islam -- what will he do for these Americans attacked on American soil? Sic Eric Holder on them? Order an audit?