Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Muhammad went to fight a Byzantine army that wasn't there; They weren't terrified, just absent

Mohamed, there are a few things wrong with your analysis:

Only those who misunderstand the Islamic mandate to enslave or slaughter all who refuse the "invitation" to Islam -- and those hoping to deceive non-Muslims into complacency -- discuss Muslims "make massacres and kill everyone on their way, or that Muslims are vampires who spill the blood of the enemy everywhere."

The key words are "everyone" and "everywhere."

The texts state clearly -- as do I, because I report what those documents say -- that if someone converts to Islam, leave them alone. If a "Person of the Book" -- Jew or Christian (or some other lucky souls depending on whom you ask) -- is willing to live as a slave and submit himself to vile degradation and humiliation in the name of Allah, then Muslims are not to kill him.

Brutalizing, disgracing, raping, extorting, and bullying him and his is "beautiful" though, since such behavior is consonant with Muhammad's Allah-pleasing example.
I told you an example for that "Terror". You see the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Can you realize the obvious power hole between both sides?
*F22 vs ..(Palestinians don't have any air-fighters),
*Mirkava Tanks vs ..(Neither Palestinians have any tanks),
*Smart Rocks vs Local-Made Rocks,
*Most Recent Radars vs nothing equivalent.
Israelis can see every spot in Palestine, when Palestinians don't own any radars or small plans with cameras. But on the other side, can you see the excessive power that is always used by Israel? Thousands of tons of explosives, thousands of the most advanced technological F16, F22, tanks. Thousands of well-trained soldiers.
And yet they don't obliterate the "Palestinians," despite constant terrorism against their innocents.
They achieved nothing, they ran away in front of Palestinian resistance.
Why? That's because Muslims don't make victory in their battles against their enemies by the power or the weapons they own. Instead they make victory by the support of God even if they're weaker in physical power. It’s not about the tanks or air-fighters, but God’s support.
No, it's about human decency, something which, if the military advantage were reversed, you would not find among Muslims.

If during a time of impotence, Muslims maim and slaughter as much as they do (14,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11 alone, even using civilian planes as bombs), imagine what they'd do with actual military capability.
Another example from the prophet's life is; in a battle that was very hard to Muslims to enter, they had very few logistic support, it was very hot in the desert, but they had to face the enemy because of the preparing of the Byzants to attack Muslims. After thousands of miles towards the battle ground, Allah threw terror in the hearts of enemy leaders and soldiers that they left the battle ground even without facing Muslims.

When the Muslim army arrived there [. . . .]
. . . they found no one.

You're talking about the "Battle" of Tabuk, the time Muhammad went to fight a Byzantine army that wasn't there.

They weren't terrified, just absent.

Muhammad spun that one well, apparently.