Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just like Muhammad: Harass and attack a target, and when they finally defend themselves against you, call it "aggression."

Which puts the lie to a lot of those claims by jihad's apologists that Muhammad butchered [insert non-Muslim farmers caught working their crops, 120-year-old man, or poetess nursing her baby here] in "self-defense."

How much of a threat are bound prisoners of war who've surrendered, again?

In response to a list of incidents offered as evidence that Israel's getting what it deserves, events in which it appears that Israel was either fighting for its independence from the British or defending itself against Islamic jihad, posted here:
If Muslims want Israelis to stop killing them, they should stop committing terrorist acts against them.

And if they want their civilians unharmed, stop firing at the Israelis from among them.

It's just like Muhammad: Harass and attack a target, and when they [finally] defend themselves against you, call it "aggression."

Briefly with regard to your list, you do realize that some Israelis carried out bombings against the British, pre-independence, right?

Unlike your coreligionists, they were not following a "divine" mandate to enslave or slaughter all who refuse the "invitation" to Judaism, they gave prior warning to avoid innocents dying in at least one bombing (the King David Hotel), they were not targeting civilians, and your Sharon-led mission was condemned by Israel.

(No, not the fingers-crossed-behind-the-back, double-speaking, "We-denounce-terrorism-in-all-its-forms[-but-killing-Jews?-That's-not-terrorism!"] kinds of "condemnations" in which Islamic spokesmen engage.

Since you do not provide any background regarding the "attacks" you list, nor did I see any links, I looked up one of your events that occurred some time after statehood.

It doesn't look good for you.

Here* is what I found about your "Qibya massacre" and why it happened: It was in response to more Islamic barbarism:
"The attack took place in the context of border clashes between Israel and neighbouring states, which had begun almost immediately after the signing of the 1949 Armistice Agreements

[. . .]

"between June 1949 and the end of 1952, a total of 57 Israelis, mostly civilians, were killed by infiltrators from Jordan. The Israeli death toll for the first 9 months of 1953 was 32

[. . .]

"The specific incident which the Israeli government used to justify the assault on Qibya occurred on October 12, 1953, when a Jewish mother, Suzanne Kinyas, and her two children were killed by a grenade thrown into their house in the Israeli town of Yehud, some 10 kilometers (6 mi) inside Israel's border.

[. . .]

"Force had to be used to demonstrate to the Arabs that Israel was in the Middle East to stay, Ben Gurion believed, and to that end he felt strongly that his retaliatory policy had to be continued."
So, yes, it was self-defense [against Muhammad's anti-Semitism].

You can't wage offensive warfare against non-Muslims and then cry "Foul!" when they defend themselves.

At least, not honestly.
*A note: I don't like to use Wikipedia as a source, but considering that it is often used by apologists for jihad (so there's [usually] a pro-Islam slant), and I don't have a desire to chase Mohamed down every rabbit hole, there you go.