Thursday, July 09, 2009

More madness trying to explain the madness in the Middle East

Even a great historian like Victor Davis Hanson is loath to state clearly what motivates the bloodlust of Allah. And too many Western Infidels, even at a place like Townhall, are all too willing to follow him in that blindness here.

To be fair, this article was written two years ago, and Mr. Hanson does mention shari'a, Islamic fundamentalism, and religious thugs. It also seems that he wanders too closely to "poverty causes jihad" and other distractions from the truth.

We need Mr. Hanson and other leaders to state more clearly that the Source and Sustenance of Islamic malevolence is the command of Allah and the example of Muhammad.

Hugh Hewitt still has a way to go, though. I heard him just yesterday use the abominations "Islamicist extremist" and "Qur'anic law -- supposedly" (paraphrased, in relation to the stoning of Soraya M.).

We need people to tell the truth. This is America. The tide will turn.