Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Denying Scripture never has good results

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As the Scriptures state, a Christian will uphold God's law as a fruit of faith. He will obey Christ's commands out of love for Him.

The 'lawlessness' to which Christ refers in not a lack of observance of the Mosaic regulations which He set aside, made obsolete, and fulfilled. He was referring to sin.

In light of this, Mark Call's reasoning is interesting:
-He denies that we must obey the Mosaic regulations for justification, but then says if we love Jesus, we will keep them.

-Then, because I cite Scripture showing that the Mosaic Covenant and its dietary, ceremonial, sacrificial, and civil laws have been set aside/fulfilled by YHWH Himself, I am now 'never known' by Christ.
In effect, Mark Call is making observation of the Mosaic law (an obedience neither Ancient Israel, Peter and his contemporaries, nor Mark Call ever had) necessary for salvation.

Mark Call is a twenty-first century Judaizer.