Thursday, July 20, 2006


A brief response on a good article by Hugh Hewitt:
What has Islam done without military superiority?


Madrid 3/11.

London 7/7.

Mumbai 7/11.

An Intifada (the latest one).

Indonesian Christian schoolgirls beheaded.

Sudanese Christians and animists slaughtered and enslaved before anyone noticed Africans Muslims being mistreated by Muslim-Arab supremacists.

Egyptian Copts are routinely persecuted, including daughters being kidnapped, raped, and forced into Muslim marriages. One distraught father was told by a police chief, "Don't worry; she's in the arms of Islam now."

In Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Denmark, France, Thailand, Philippines, and everywhere else Muslims have any sort of numerical significance, intimidation and murder in the name of Allah follow. Theo van Gogh, anyone?

Is there any doubt that Islam would behave "disproportionately" if it actually had a military advantage?

Israel needs to do what it must. The West still has much to do to properly identify and deal with those in our own lands who support Islam's goal to subjugate the world to Allah.