Sunday, July 16, 2006

Moral equivalence endangers Life and Liberty

...and is a base form of cowardice.

Following is a comment in response to the "I Stand..." post below. Such "reasoning" only aids evil.

Anonymous said...
how in the world can you and your...analysis justify so much death and abuse. You can only be lacking a very basic sense of humanity to justify the bombing of civilians in the name of two SOLDIERS. please look in your is not human. this is not about who's god..but about human life. look inside cause the fire against palestines in your heart is fire against your own humanity.

While I appreciate your visiting and commenting, I ask that you avoid profanity, moral equivalence, and inanity.

Unlike the animals you defend, Israel is not targeting civilians, but the monsters who do.

Your blindness to the decades (actually, centuries) of lust for Jewish blood says little for your sense of humanity, and it does quite a bit to "justify so much death and abuse."

I have no hatred for "Palestinians." I am forever set against those who maim and kill in the name of Allah, just as I am against those who justify or excuse such barbarism against innocents and then, when they defend themselves, condemn them for it.

Israel's response is not over "two soldiers." Those two are just one of the latest in a long line of crimes against humanity carried out against innocent people in the name of Allah. Israel has long suffered such malevolence without a proportionate response.

Perhaps you should ask yourself why you would defend such evil.