Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why we must tell the truth

From here, on the Infidels' War of Self-Defense Against Islam, and the unwillingness of some to admit that is in what we are engaged:
Good advice I wish Hugh would take: "Know your enemy."
Hugh (and many others, including the President) want to define Islam in terms of the allegedly moderate Muslim (the Muslim-in-Name-Only), but what do Allah and Mohammed say? Who better to define true Islam than its false god and his false prophet?

In light of Allah's commands to fight against, subdue and humiliate, and kill non-Muslims to make the world Islam ("...kill the unbelievers wherever you find them") and Mohammed's actually carrying out those commands ("I have been ordered to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle"), is the truly moderate Muslim--who forever rejects as evil violent jihad against non-Muslims and supports unconditionally equal rights for all--obeying Allah and his false prophet, or is he defying them?

The implications of the answer to this question are quite troubling, which is probably why Hugh (who seems to have learned quite a bit since he first invited terrorist-propagandists CAIR onto his program) and others are unwilling to admit the truth about the nature of our enemy.

The "Tiny Minority of Fundamentalist, Extremist, Radical, Islamofascist Jihadis" and those who support them are the true Muslims, and the source and sustenance of their bloodlust are the command of Allah and the example of his apostle.

This means that not only must those who try to kill Infidels and Apostates be stopped permanently, but so also must those who support them (especially in Infidel lands) be resisted, removed, and made unable to promote the spread of Islam.

So also should every tax-payer penny stop flowing to nations/peoples who support Jihad and its goal, Shari'a.

When will Hugh admit this?
Mella is correct's no wonder they fervently believe the West is responsible.
Some (many?) might, but most often such complaints are propaganda intended to shame into compliance gullible Western dhimmis.
Most critical for the U.S. to realize is that nothing can appease their misguided instinct and the very notion of negotiation for them is nothing but an opportunity to exploit their advsary's nominal good will with deceit and dissembling.
Taqiyya. Mohammed said, "War is deceit," and since he's considered the Ideal Man in Islam, it is no wonder his people follow his example.
Unless we wish to succumb to the Islamic extremists, we must better understand the nature of this despicable enemy.
Even a brief survey of Islam's authoritative texts (Qur'an and Sunnah) and history (past and present) reveals what Islam wants and what Infidels will receive unless they mount an effective defense.
Why the stubborn silence?
In thinking about Hugh's stubborn unwillingness to admit Islam is the problem, it occurred to me that perhaps he is afraid of offending Muslims of Good Will.

[Though what decent person can read Allah's commands to subjugate, butcher, and murder "until all religion is for Allah," and Mohammed's subjugating, butchering, and murdering, and still believe?]

This is a perfectly natural (and tempting) reaction, but a Christian must consider what remaining silent in the face of a friend's worship of demons will do.

In Christ alone is there salvation, and as the Scriptures teach, worship of false gods is the worship of demons. No god is more clearly demonic than Allah.

What is Christ's will for us? Remain silent as others perish? Lie about others' false beliefs so that they die in their sins (and in the case of Islam, subjugate, enslave, dismember, rape, decapitate, and crucify non-Muslims)?

Christ wants us to speak the truth in love.

Sometimes that truth is ugly and uncomfortable. Sometimes telling the truth will leave one friendless (or dead). But, if at all points I defend the Word of God except at the one point at which it is being attacked, I am a coward and of no use to God.

The salt has lost its saltiness, so to speak.

In the case of false religion, the blood of those who need the truth is on the hands of those who, instead of exposing false doctrine and sharing the Gospel of Christ, remain silent.

And in the case of Islam, not only will those souls who needed liberation from the tyranny of Allah perish, but so will many of Christ's people (and other "Infidels") suffer and die--all for fear of being called a name.