Saturday, July 01, 2006

On Canonical authority

From here:
So the 'Church' and tradition used to be the authority but no longer is? they can put it together but are unworthy of interpreting it.

After the majority of the USA became litterate and Biblesw became handy, the Church had no such authority any longer?

Strange untenable position most take.
Untenable because its a false argument.

The Word of God was always 'the authority,' as is clear from the writings of the Apostles and Evangelists.

The early Church used what was already established as Scripture (the Old Testament) to determine what, if any, of the many New Testament-era writings were divinely-inspired.

It wasn't until the sixteenth century that a particular group of Christians canonized Apocryphal texts that had never before been considered inspired by God (even by Jerome, the translator of the Latin Vulgate).

That for which you argue is the authority of a church to propagate heresy by selectively reading Holy Writ and by including useful--but not divinely-inspired--texts as authoritative.

Where a church or tradition contradicts the clear word of God, His word must take precedence.